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Likeness of: Benicio Del Toro
Affiliation: Sanchez Cartel
Status: Deceased
Mission(s): Licence to Kill

Dario is a character from the 1989 Bond film Licence to Kill that was adapted for the 2012 video game 007 Legends.


Dario is the favorite henchman of Franz Sanchez and the youngest of his three principle body guards. Originally a member of the Contras, a group of revolutionaries active in south america, Dario was removed due to his violet psychosis and sadistic methods. After this he joined the Sanchez cartel and brutally murdered his way to his position of power beside Sanchez even showing a surprisingly loyalty to the murderous drug lord when he personally murdered Della Leiter and brutally injured her husband Felix however this eventually cost him his life when the Leighter's friend MI6 operative James Bond attacked Sanchez's operation and killed Dario after a brutal fist fight by dropping him into a cocaine grinder.