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Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Ernst Stavro Blofeld.jpg
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Voiced by: Glenn Wrage
Likeness of: combined of Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas, Charles Gray
Affiliation: SPECTRE
Status: Active
Mission(s): On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is a character from the 1969 Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service that was adapted for the 2012 video game 007 Legends.


A man whose secrets have secrets Blofeld is one of the most myserious intelligent and ruthless terroists in the world. Head of the crimminal syndicate known as SPECTRE Blofelds past is almost impossible to track as he frequently useses plastic surgery to alter his apperance and uses his orginsations extensive influence on digital data to remove all digital referances to his past. Blofeld's orginsation is so powerful that many of Bonds enemies and even some of his allies work for him however he and Bond only meet when Blofeld attempts to envoke a nuclear war between the Americans and the Russians however Bond foiled this plot forcing Blofeld into hididng he eventually gave up the idetnites of his SPECTRE allies to the united nations in exchange for a pardon and a private estate hidden in the Swiss Allps. However Blofeld never gave up on his ambiton for world domination and instead of enjoying his pardon Blofeld useses it as a chance to rebuild SPECTRE. Using his new resources Blofeld has his scientists create a biological weapon that would destroy the worlds livestock and crops permentantly Blofeld then sends a message to the UN threateing to realse it across the world unless all economic political and miltary power in the world was handded to him and SPECTRE this spurred MI6 to dispach Blofed's old enemy James Bond to investigate in response Blofed abducted Bonds fiance Tracy Draco and holds her hostage in response Bond and Tracys father Marc-Ange Launch an assualt on Blofeld's esstate during which Bond identifies the agents Blofeld has carrying the nereve agent and gives there names to MI6 Blofeld then attempts to gas Bond to death in his sealed office but Bond escapes and using charges already planted blows the mansion appart and presues Blofeld in a cabel car but Blofed catches Bond off guard pulls him into the car and attacks him with an axe but Bond is abel to disarm him and throws him out of the cabel car into the moutains below. Unfortuantley Blofeld somehow survives and is last seen in a combat truck firing a Terralite III at Bonds car the bullets miss him but kill Tracy just hours after their wedding. what hapens to Blofeld after theses events is unknown but it is assumed Bond eventually found him and took his revenge.

Weapons []

While usually preferring  to keep to the shadows and orginasie things from afar when the situation demands it Blofeld is a vicious hand to hand fighter with surprising strength and a high tolerance for pain a side effect to his extensive plastic surgery. while not using a gun during game play Blofeld does use a terralite III machine gun when killing Tracy Bond