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Franz Sanchez
Franz Sanchez.jpg
Franz Sanchez
Voiced by: Robert Davide
Likeness of: Robert Davi
Affiliation: Sanchez Cartel
Status: Deceased
Mission(s): Licence to Kill

Franz Sanchez is a character from the 1989 Bond film Licence to Kill that was adapted for the 2012 video game 007 Legends.


Sanchez is a Mexican drug lord running his own empire from the Republic of Isthmus. Owner of a large luxury estate, protected by an army of henchmen and controller of the city President, Sanchez has either bribed, intimidated or killed most of the city’s officials. Heading an international drugs cartel Sanchez is both ruthless and merciless and has shown a deeply paranoid streak killing any he even suspects of disloyalty. Sanchez is influence is so great that he was even capable of stealing from US army in the middle east and selling them to various terrorist groups.

Sanchez however, sighed his own death warrant when he attempted to eliminate CIA agent Felix Leiter killing his wife and badly injuring him which prompted Felix's old friend and MI6 Operative James Bond to viciously pursued the murderous drug lord. With help from DEA agent Pam Bouvier, Bond successfully infiltrated Sanchez estate and brutally shot his way through Sanchez security force even throwing his prime guard Dario into a Cocaine grinder. Furious Sanchez attempted to kill Bond but Bond,having already mined the facility, blew the estate up and escaped and pursued Sanchez on a convoy of trucks after successfully crashing the oil tanker Sanchez was driving the two men engaged in a vicious brawl with Sanchez nearly killing Bond with a machete , but Bond gained the upper hand and hurled the Psychotic drug dealer into a leaking oil tanker, Desperate Sanchez begged to know why Bond wanted him dead with Bond answering "For my friend" Bond then coldly hurls his lighter into the tanker and Sanchez is blown sky high.


While usually content with watching his plans unfold from the safety of his villa when the chips are down Sanchez is not afraid to fight for his life his murderous rage proving to be an asset against enemies such as Bond Sanchez is also proficient with a machete