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Gustav Graves
Gustav Graves/Tan-Sun Moon
Voiced by: Toby Stephens
Likeness of: Toby Stephens
Affiliation: Graves Diamonds North Korean military
Status: Deceased
Mission(s): Die Another Day

Gustav Graves is a character from the 2002 Bond film Die Another Day that was adapted for the 2012 video game 007 Legends.


Originally rouge North Korean military leader and diamond smuggler Colonel Moon, the man who would eventually become known as Gustav Graves underwent extensive surgical procedures at a clinic in Cuba to alter his appearance in order to become a noted British business man and philanthropist. All of this was a cover and a financial backing to achieve his life long dream: reunify Korea under a communist regiem. In order to accompish this goal, Graves makes use of both his legitimate and criminal connections, including the terroist for hire Zao, to create the sattelite weapon Icarus; a high powered laser disguised as a solar apification device. With this he plans to destroy the DMZ and allow troops from the north to sweep down and conquer the South. However, he encouters residtance from MI6 operative James Bond and CIA agent Jinx, both of whom he attempts to murder, but hey are able to escape while also killing Zao. This leads to Bonds final confrontation with graves on his cargo freighter, which contains the icarus controls, and after a brief but painful confrontation, Bond forces Graves out of the plane and into the path of a jet engine. 


While Graves prefers to let his Henchmen do his dirty work and never uses a gun, he is a fairly comptent hand to hand fighter. He also makes use of body armour that not only protects him, but also carries the Icarus controls and allows him to fire electronic blasts. Graves is also a noted fencer.