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Hugo Drax
Hugo Drax
Voiced by: Michael Lonsdale
Likeness of: Michael Lonsdale
Affiliation: Drax Industries
Status: Deceased
Mission(s): Moonraker

Hugo Drax is a character from the 1979 Bond film Moonraker that was adapted for the 2012 video game 007 Legends.


Hugo Drax is a billionaire living in California. He owns Drax Industries, which constructs space shuttles Drax portrays himself as a successful but kindly business man with a keen interest in space travel but in reality Drax is a cold ruthless megalomaniac who believes that the human race has become too sick to survive and that man's only chance of existence is to wipe the slate clean and start over to accomplish this he seeks to destroy the entire human race except for a small group of carefully selected humans, both male and female, that would leave Earth on six shuttles and have sanctuary on a space station in orbit over Earth. Using chemical weapons created by Drax's scientists—derived from the toxin of a rare South American plant, the Black Orchid—at an installation in Italy, he would wipe out the remainder of humanity. The biological agents were to be dispersed around the earth from a series of 50 strategically placed globes, each containing enough toxin to kill 100 million people. After a period of time, when the chemical agents had become harmless, Drax and his master race would return to Earth to reinhabit the planet. Drax's plan was leaked to the CIA when Drax's thugs botched an attempt to steal NASA space shuttles who in response sent Doctor Holly Goodhead to investigate but after her disappearance MI6 sent their agent James Bond to find her and together they discovered Drax's plan but where captured and left to die in the rocket exhaust but both are able to escape and after a violet shoot out are able commandeer one of Drax's space shuttles and blast off to his orbiting space station. Once on board they attempt to shut down the anti gravity and delay Drax's plan but both are captured and brought to Drax but. Bond persuades Drax's henchman Jaws to switch allegiances by getting Drax to reveal that Jaws will be exterminated as an "inferior". A team of soldiers sent by the U.S. government invade the shuttle, resulting in a laser battle in which Drax's "master race" are all killed. Bond then corners Drax in the station's airlock after destroying most of Drax's poison Drax makes a final attempt to turn Bond to his side but Bond refuses and ejects Drax into space.

Though unconfiremd it is belived that at some point Drax held some allegiance to SPECTRE.


Similar to the many other Bond villains Drax Prefers to let his thugs do his dirty work but when the situation demands it Drax will not hesitate to eliminate any who stand in his way and perfers to use his singincture laser pistol and is quite adapted with shotguns due to a hunting hobby