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James Bond
James Bond
Voiced by: Timothy Watson
Likeness of: Daniel Craig
Affiliation: MI6
Status: Alive
Mission(s): Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Licence To Kill, Die Another Day, Moonraker, Skyfall

James Bond is the titular character of the Bond film franchise that was adapted for the video game 007 Legends. He was created in 1953 by Ian Fleming and is the protagonist of the series and the game.


James Bond is an MI6 operative with the licence to kill. He carries the codename 007 with the Double-O prefix signifying his licence.

James Bond is shot mistakenly on assignment by his fellow operative Eve Moneypenny and was left for dead during a near a river in the hinterland of Istanbul. With his life hanging in the balance, Bond remembers his previous assignments. One includes foiling Operation Grand Slam, the plot of Auric Goldfinger to radiate the gold reserves at Fort Knox, Kentucky in order to increase the value of his personal stockpile of gold.

Bond reminisces on his assault on Piz Gloria with the aid of his soon to be father-in-law Marc-Ange Draco to save his fiancée Tracy who had been captured by Bond's arch nemesis, the genius megalomaniac Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Whilst in Piz Gloria, Bond discovers a plot to destroy the livestock populations of 5 locations around the world wiping out their main food supply in each respective region. After foiling the plot he marries Tracy, but she was shot on their honeymoon by Blofeld in a drive-by.

His memories are brought back to life when his best friend, Felix Leiter's wife Della was also murdered on their honeymoon by Mexican drug kingpin Franz Sanchez. Bond then travels to Latin America with Leiter's CIA contact Pam Bouvier on a private vendetta to kill Sanchez and destroy his cartel. Bond then remembers his encounter with billionaire philanthropist Gustav Graves and foiling his plans to use a satellite laser beam to ignite war between North and South Korea.

Bond then ponders on his thwarting of billionaire industrialist Hugo Drax's plot to wipe out the entire human race with an orchid gas launched from his space station while he bred a "master race" of humans there to later repopulate Earth. Upon his eventual awakening, Bond realizes that he's still alive. He promptly moves to track down Patrice, whom he was after in the very beginning of the game, to Shanghai where he stops an assassination attempt in progress and eliminates him.