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Voiced by: Jason Wong
Likeness of: Rick Yune
Affiliation: Graves Diamonds
Status: Deceased
Mission(s): Die Another Day

Zao is a character from the 2002 Bond film Die Another Day that was adapted for the 2012 video game 007 Legends.


Zao was a professional killer and terrorist for hire who was originally the right hand man of rouge North Korean Colonel Moon, Later known as Gustav Graves, but after his leader was supposedly killed by MI6 operative James Bond Zao was captured and imprisoned by British intelligence but was released as part of a prisoner exchange in which he was traded for Bond. Zao's most distinguishing feature's are the diamonds lodged in his face which he earned through his first confrontation with Bond and his albino appearance which he gained though another encounter with Bond when the British agent successfully foiled a plastic surgery/gene therapy experiment Zao was involved in. Zao was later hired by his former master now British multi billionaire Gustav Graves to help in his plan to destroy the Korean DMZ and conqueror the south however he his once again confronted by James Bond and is killed during a car duel when Bond forces him to drive straight into the path of the Icarus super lazier killing him.